Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Every year I struggle with Father's Day since my dad passed away 15 years ago but this year I had a new thought - I'd celebrate my father's art.  He never exhibited much of his work and now because of the internet, I have the ability to show his sketches and paintings to the world.

My father studied art at the Chicago Art Institute and had a strong appreciation for drawing and sketching.  I'm thankful that he loved to read as I inherited many of his art books.

I have been working and exhibiting as an artist for many years now and I realize that I take it for granted that I can produce work and post it on a daily basis.   I don't need a gallery's approval to do so, although I have exhibited in galleries and shows.  For my father it was a big deal to be accepted to the Salmagundi show and I never appreciated how much approval he was longing for.  I was too busy with my own life and problems to give him the encouragement that I'm sure he longed for.

My dad went off to work every day - a long drive on the California freeways and I'm sure he didn't have much energy or time when he got home to paint or to paint well.  As I approach a deadline, I appreciate just how much energy is required to paint.  It's physically and mentally demanding.  It never gets any easier.

This is a blog idea that just came to me as I thought about Father's Day so it will have to evolve as I dig out what little art I do have and scan it.  My brother has paintings too that I will encourage him to scan and I can post here.

Now, I'm feeling a little happier that I can remember my dad and celebrate his life and art.  

I love you, Dad! xoxo