Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Every year I struggle with Father's Day since my dad passed away 15 years ago but this year I had a new thought - I'd celebrate my father's art.  He never exhibited much of his work and now because of the internet, I have the ability to show his sketches and paintings to the world.

My father studied art at the Chicago Art Institute and had a strong appreciation for drawing and sketching.  I'm thankful that he loved to read as I inherited many of his art books.

I have been working and exhibiting as an artist for many years now and I realize that I take it for granted that I can produce work and post it on a daily basis.   I don't need a gallery's approval to do so, although I have exhibited in galleries and shows.  For my father it was a big deal to be accepted to the Salmagundi show and I never appreciated how much approval he was longing for.  I was too busy with my own life and problems to give him the encouragement that I'm sure he longed for.

My dad went off to work every day - a long drive on the California freeways and I'm sure he didn't have much energy or time when he got home to paint or to paint well.  As I approach a deadline, I appreciate just how much energy is required to paint.  It's physically and mentally demanding.  It never gets any easier.

This is a blog idea that just came to me as I thought about Father's Day so it will have to evolve as I dig out what little art I do have and scan it.  My brother has paintings too that I will encourage him to scan and I can post here.

Now, I'm feeling a little happier that I can remember my dad and celebrate his life and art.  

I love you, Dad! xoxo


  1. Wow, Susan. What a great daughter you are. Not everyone has a kid who follows their steps. Also, not everyone leaves such good steps to follow. I'm sure your dad would be proud.

  2. Very touching, Susan. It is wonderful to know that you have such loving remembrances of your father, that this amazing talent did not skip a generation, and that your beautiful artwork can be seen by all as a tribute to the artistic talent he nurtured in you. It is also sweet that your lovely daughter is captured in some of your works!